Open MINDS Institute Winter/Spring 2017

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Open MINDS Institute

is an exploratory “classroom without walls,” presenting topical seminars and workshops with master professors. We invite you to enroll in our stimulating, enriching, state-of-the-art academic seminars.

Combining academic excellence in open-ended lectures and interactive conversations, classes will be held on the Fairfield University campus, maximizing the resources and facilities of this world-class institution. Enrolled participants will be given special access to the exciting lectures and performances that make up the Quick Center season.

Courses are $290 each. QCA Member price per course is $275. Enroll in two or more courses and enjoy a discounted price of just $250 per course.

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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

The Potential Political Powder Keg known as Family Gatherings or coping with Tricky Family Relationships.

A discussion group for anyone challenged by their in-Laws, Parenting, Grand Parenting, or Ex’s, around difficult issues including our recent election.

Instructor: Trevor Mullineaux, LMFT
Begins March 2 – ends March 30
Thursday Mornings: 10 a.m. – 11:45 p.m.

There isn’t a family in America that isn’t challenged today by the upcoming holidays. Many are even cancelling Easter, Passover or that long-awaited family reunion over divergent political views. As family holidays and events approach, we are both thrilled and fearful of the potential emotional hot mess or happiness that may ensue. At times a funny, but thoughtful exploration of how we get caught in damaging inter-relational loops and how we can back out and find new ways of connecting.


Trevor MullineauxTREVOR MULLINEAUX, LMFT is a blended family expert, and Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor based in Southport, CT. Trevor has extensive experience with helping families through difficult and emotionally challenging times. Her therapy is based in attachment theory; that our emotional bonds are the key to our well-being. Mrs. Mullineaux’s ability to facilitate a families’ shift towards safety and healthy communication in the system leads to resilient children and happier couples.


Engage with the Creative Community:

Why the Arts and Culture Matter

Recognizing how important access to creativity and history is for a healthy community, the unsatisfactory state of funding for the arts and culture in America is a growing concern impacting our lives.

Instructor: Stephanie J. Coakley
Begins March 7 – ends April 4
Tuesday afternoons: 12 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

After sharing in thoughtful discussion about the condition of arts funding, participants will leave inspired and prepared to change the minds of those who may still question the need to fund arts and culture programs. Anyone who is already involved in supporting the arts and culture in our community will leave with a greater understanding of how important their support is to sustaining the arts in our complex society today. This course will be especially valuable for anyone who participates as Board members, volunteers, and/or general patrons of arts and culture events and programs. This course will culminate with a visit to the Morgan Library & Museum in NYC for a guided tour of current art and rare book exhibitions.


Stephanie CoakleySTEPHANIE J. COAKLEY is the director of the Pequot Library in Southport, Conn. Since 1998, she has devoted her career to working with diverse communities to improve lives through the power and wonder of the arts and culture. She served as the director of Education and Community Partnerships with the Tucson Museum of Art in Arizona where she co-founded the Museum School for the Visual Arts, a public high school for artistically talented teenagers on the campus of the art museum and the first of its kind in the U.S.


You On the Aisle

What Made Those Films So Memorable?

Join us with Peter J. Fox, a noted film critic, journalist, and television commentator on this five-week journey and deep examination of the most iconic films of our time.

Instructor: Peter J. Fox
Begins February 22 – ends March 15
Wednesday afternoons: 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Whether it is a memorable plot, or an unforgettable character, certain films stay with us through their ability to touch upon a part of our own psyches.

Join us with Peter J. Fox, a noted film critic, journalist, and television commentator on this five week journey and deep examination of the most iconic films of our time; from Hollywood’s Golden Age, right up to the present day, and the elements which separate them from less memorable examples of cinema.

In a lively, interactive format that will include clips taken from some of Hollywood’s most iconic films-from the Golden Age, right up to the present day — Mr. Fox will lead the discussion with audience participation on the cinematic, thematic and character elements of some of greatest films of all time.

These fast paced, ninety-minute sessions will not only promote discussion and debate, but will provide the audience with rare insight into how these films were brought into being.


Peter FoxPETER J. FOX is a third generation member of the Hollywood community. He is the grandson of silent era star Rosa Rudami, an actress who later became a screenwriter for Cecil B. DeMille. His father, Peter C. Fox, was the first publisher to mass-produce movie program booklets which were sold at theaters across the world between 1958 and 1980. Peter J. Fox holds a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting from the American Film Institute, and has worked as a story analyst and reader at Paramount, Universal, Sony Pictures, MGM and TriStar pictures.