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With many considering the upcoming presidential decision as a true "turning point" in our nation’s history, join us for a lively and unscripted overview of the key issues and talking points impacting the election.

With their broad professional experiences, Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour, and CNN/Telemundo’s Latina expert, Ana Navarro, will lead this topical review.

Born in Miami to Haitian parents, Yamiche Alcindor graduated from Georgetown and NYU. She was named “Emerging Journalist of the Year” by the National Association of

Black Journalists and has written for USA Today and The New York Times.

Ana Navarro was born in Nicaragua. In 1980, as a result of the Sandinista revolution, she and her family immigrated to the United States. She served as National Co-Chair of John McCain’s Hispanic Advisory Council and as Gov. Jeb Bush’s first Director of Immigration Policy in the Executive Office of the Governor.

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