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Sunday | 3:00 P.M.

September 29, 2019

$45, $40 | $5 Fairfield University students
Quick Member: $30

A real treat for the spectators

—Huffington Post

Established in 2015, Cirque Alfonse is a young circus company from Quebec. Its founding members have all worked with some of the most renowned “nouveau cirque” companies around the world. The company is comprised of a team of professional acrobats graduated from the École nationale de cirque de Montréal, as well as a professional dancer, an ex-skiing champion and three talented and versatile musicians.

These brave and creative trailblazers blend the techniques of today’s circus with traditional Quebec folklore. Described as, “a bellyful of cheeky humor and brazen eccentricity… a circus of exceptionally strong men and women, delivering edge-of-your-seat adult entertainment set to a rollicking soundtrack from a frenetic live band,” the performers explore the edges of contemporary circus.

The members of Cirque Alfonse, which include some members of the same family, created their group with a desire to recreate the music-filled evenings of their childhood. “[We] grew out of a need to look back fondly at the past, a desire to have more time for family, friends, and shared moments to hold.”

A rock music celebration of Heaven and Hell and everything in between, their newest production, TABARNAK, premieres in the U.S. at the Quick.

Review of Tabarnak at Edinburgh Festival → Cirque Alfonse: 'The show is about what makes people feel good to be together' → Review: The Journal of Montreal → Cirque Alfonse →
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