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Tuesdays, 11:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Begins February 18 – Ends March 17, 2020

Quick Center for the Arts

$290 | Quick Member: $275
$250 each if you enroll in two or more courses.

Instructor: Orin Grossman, Ph.D.

In 1989, just days after the fall of the Berlin wall, Leonard Bernstein flew to the site and performed Beethoven’s 9thsymphony in one of the most moving and celebratory concerts ever. No composer has fired the imagination and moved the consciousness of more people than Ludwig van Beethoven, enjoying his 250th birthday in 2020. His powerful presence, his insistence of the transformative possibilities of music in our lives, and the energy and creativity he brought to his music makes him the most fascinating of composers. His music can seem both intimate and deeply personal as well as make large public statements. It is no accident that his 5th symphony became a symbol of Allied victory during WWII and that his 9th symphony, with the Ode to Joy, has become the unofficial anthem of a united Europe. As concerts throughout the world celebrate the event, this class will explore some of the reasons why his genius continues to resonate with us and inspire us.

Bio: Orin Grossman came to Fairfield University in 1975 as an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts. In 1991, he was named Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. After ten years as the Academic Vice President at Fairfield University, he returned to the faculty in the fall of 2009 as Professor of Visual and Performing Arts and is now Professor Emeritus. He has been active as a chamber music performer including the co-founder, with violinist Yuval Waldman, of the Round Hill Chamber Players. He has been particularly associated with the music of George Gershwin, lecturing and performing concerts of his song transcriptions, and classical pieces to critical praise around the world, including performances in Cairo, New York, Florence, and St. Petersburg, Russia. In demand as a lecturer and recitalist, he is a frequent star professor for "One Day University", a premiere lecture organization, giving talks in New York City, Philadelphia, and other locales. Orin Grossman graduated Magna cum Laude in Music from Harvard College and earned a Ph.D. in Music at Yale University.

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