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Wednesday | 8 p.m.

January 18, 2023

Date changed after brochure printing. Date on website is correct.

$30 | $5 Fairfield University student
Quick Member: $20

Kelley Theatre

This work is moving, rare, and exquisite. Waiting to see it again


Pardes was born at home. It is a work of art in which the body connects to its inner spiritual layers — to the insides of each human being/dancer, while being interwoven with a common tapestry.

Pardes, the Hebrew word for ‘orchard,’ originates from ancient Persian and means a garden of trees. The word has also penetrated to other languages as ‘paradise.’ Perhaps the title of this new work by Vertigo Dance is a nod to where they create and live — an eco-arts village committed to the intersections of creativity, social responsibility and ecological sustainability. With a musical soundtrack created by internationally acclaimed percussionist, Itamar Doari, the dancers deal with the duality of their lives, with the tensions they experience between their individual needs and the demands of society, between the person and the universal.

Read about Pardes from The Jerusalem Post: → Watch the Trailer: →
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