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Claudia Hart is a pioneer, bringing advanced simulations technologies to the contemporary art world context, developing “post photography” through her personal art practice, critical writing, curating, and pedagogy. This talk will take place inside a world she built on the Mozilla Hubs, an open-source social VR platform. Students will be invited to join her, all embodied by digital avatars, to participate in a short seminar in which Hart presents her work in relationship to contemporary media practice from mixed realities to the NFT distributed on the Ether blockchain.

Claudia Hart emerged as part of a generation of 90s intermedia artists examining issues of identity and representation. Since the late 90s when she began working with 3D animation, Hart has embraced these same concepts, but now focuses on the impact of computing and simulations technologies. She was an early adopter of virtual imaging, using 3D animation to make media installations and projections, and later as they were invented, other forms of VR, AR, and objects produced by computer-driven production machines. At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she is a professor, she developed a pedagogic program based on her practice, Experimental 3D, the first dedicated solely to teaching simulations technologies in an art-school context.

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