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LaTosha Brown, co-founder and executive director of Black Voters Matter, social activist, political strategist, and jazz singer, will deliver the 24th Annual Jacoby-Lunin Humanitarian Lecture on “Black Voters Matter: Our Obligation to Democracy and Equality.”

Working at the intersection of social justice, political empowerment, human development, and the cultural arts, Brown is passionate about leading social change to create a more equitable redistribution of wealth around the globe. A 2018 Bridge Jubilee Award and Liberty Bell Award recipient, she is best known for her philanthropic efforts as an effective fundraiser and resource person.

From creating community-led funds to establishing donor networks, she has raised millions of dollars to support social justice causes and create projects that bring more investments into marginalized communities. “This is a critical moment for people to really understand the [2020] election isn’t the endpoint – in some ways, it’s the beginning point for a new kind of political era,” Brown notes.

Brown continues to lead efforts by Black Voters Matter (BVM) to fight voter suppression and to educate and empower black communities. She has helped create BVM’s 2021 COVID-19 Mutual Aid and Emergency Relief Self-Determination Fund, providing more than $150,000 to a variety of community-based efforts, including local food delivery and mobile grocery programs, and emergency relief aimed at such populations as the families of Black immigrant communities (documented and undocumented). All of these efforts are based on concepts of “solidarity, not charity.” Currently she is a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics.

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