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Dr. Regina Benjamin is a national leader in preventative health, fighting health disparities, and developing innovative community-based strategies for low-income and rural communities. Americans painfully learned from the Covid-19 pandemic about the dramatic inequalities of issues of race, class, and health care. As a rural family doctor serving poor communities, Dr. Benjamin has spent her career seeing the impact of healthcare disparities and the social determinants of health on several generations of patients in her community. She knows it’s well-documented and researched that your zip code is a better predictor of your health and longevity than your genetic code. As Surgeon General and founder and CEO of the Gulf States Health Policy Center, Dr. Benjamin has been the driving force behind research and policies to promote equity and access. Taking a public and population health perspective, she reviews the range of social determinants, from income and education, to the poor conditions of neighborhoods and recreational opportunities. Dr. Benjamin also explores practices and policies that will narrow the health gap.

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