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In a world where political debate often feels like a pitched battle, and sometimes devolves into actual violence, three military veterans and fiction writers will discuss their recent novels which move beyond the narrow scope of combat to tackle broader subjects of politics, protest, and identity. 

Matt Gallagher's Empire City, veterans in an alternate version of America find themselves caught up in political violence and electoral intrigue. Elliot Ackerman's Red Dress in Black and White, meanwhile, takes us to the 2013 Ghezi Park protests in Istanbul, while Dewaine Farria's Revolutions of All Colors ranges from the Black Panthers in 1970s New Orleans to the work of modern-day contractors in Somalia to expatriate life in Kiev, Ukraine.

The evening will be moderated by MFA writing professor and author Phil Klay and the writers will discuss the intersection of politics, war, and art.



Elliot Ackerman


Dewaine Farria


Matt Gallagher

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