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Global Theatre Performance Series: Frontlines Stories from The Edge

On Tuesday, November 3, Americans made a decision either to re-elect Donald J. Trump or elect Joseph R. Biden as the 46th president. It was obvious that the election was going to be tight and contentious, but no one imagined that after a fair process resulting in a clear Biden victory, that many Americans, some of them lawmakers, would question the validity of the election.

January 6th will go down as a very dark day in American history with an insurrection at the Capital seriously calling American democracy into question. We are on a knives edge in our extraordinarily divided country.

This performance series create narratives that focus on concerns that plague our nation and the world. Our goal is to open minds and effect change.

SIX FEET is our story...

It’s a play about what’s between us, written by Melanie Hoopes exploring the great political divide today, while touching on other national struggles: racial and economic inequality, lack of affordable healthcare and mental illness. The backdrop for all of this is, of course, the pandemic. The play details the lives for eight characters on five zoom calls that occurred on one day two weeks before the presidential election. The play is a tense, intimate and cathartic experience of our strange and confusing present.

The characters in SIX FEET are given what feels to them as an impossible choice. Do they share a meal with their political foe or deny the wishes of a departed loved one?

SIX FEET asks if it is possible to reconcile our differences and heal the divide. And, if it is, how do we begin?

This is the story of the play. It is also our story…

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