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The dancers, clad in eye-popping pink, green and turquoise, move in battalion-worthy, cascading lines, their small stamping steps sharply reminiscent of tap. The gorgeous costumes and breathtaking formations keep coming, dance after dance

—The New York Times

One of the most popular and requested dance companies in the world returns to the Quick Center to celebrate its milestone 70th anniversary season. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Mexican culture through the artistic vision and beauty of the Ballet Folkórico de México.

This 60-member, one-of-a-kind Ballet company brings to life the vibrant dance, electrifying music, and elaborate costumes of Mexican folklore from pre-Columbian civilizations through the modern era. In Hernández’s earliest ballets, the audience sees the present time fade before their eyes, as they enter into a journey through the past: the lords of heaven and earth come back to life, the jaguars, the gods born of human flesh; and 30 different cultures that blossomed in centuries past leave behind a trail of color. Since 1959, the company has given over 5,000 performances, has been distinguished with more than 300 awards recognizing their artistic merits, and has been permanently housed at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

Founded in 1952 by dancer and choreographer Amalia Hernández as part of her quest to preserve the dancing traditions of México, Ballet Folklórico de México is one of México’s national treasures, dazzling audiences around the globe to wide acclaim with its 40-ballet repertoire of highly choreographed traditional dances and dramatic movements.

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