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Pushes the boundaries of what circus and acrobatics can be...

—Time Out

Humans 2.0 is a seriously sensational spectacle: as aesthetic as it is athletic, as comedic as it is grave, and all in all, a visceral delight

—The Conversation

The Quick continues its tradition of circus and family fun with Circa, a contemporary company from Australia, presenting a bold new vision for the definition of circus.

Humans 2.0 is a “love letter to humanity:” (The AU Review) a visceral symphony of 10 bodies, acrobatics, sound, and light that will leave you at times hardly believing what you are seeing as physical limits are pushed to their extreme. Created by circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz, Humans 2.0 asks: Can we ever find a perfect balance, or is adapting to constant change the only way forward with the challenge of being human?

This next chapter of Circa’s internationally acclaimed Humans is a tightly woven choreography of bodies, pulsing with music by composer Ori Lichtik and revealed in Paul Jackson’s dramatic lighting. Humans 2.0 is intimate, primal, and deeply engaged.

Since 2006, Circa, one of the world’s leading performance companies, has toured to 33 countries across six continents with critics calling the work “stunning... exquisite... heart-stopping” and “electrically charged.” Circa celebrates the expressive possibilities of the human body pushed to its extremes by blending acrobatics and movement into a seamless and engaging performance.

Learn more about Circa → Watch the official trailer for Humans 2.0 → Read the Sydney Festival review of Humans 2.0 → Watch more Circa videos on their YouTube channel →
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