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In this talk,  Dr. Myisha Cherry will argue that a particular type of anger (what she calls Lordean rage, named after feminist Audre Lorde) has an important role to play in anti-racist struggle.

Lordean rage is targeted at racism, tends towards metabolization, aims for change, and is informed by an inclusive and liberating perspective. Although Lordean rage may not be necessary, it can be uniquely used for anti-racist purposes and is less vulnerable to criticisms that it interferes with liberal goals and that it should be replaced with more positive emotions. 


Myisha Cherry, PhD is an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of California, Riverside. Her research is primarily concerned with the role of emotions and attitudes in public life. Dr. Cherry’s books include: UnMuted: Conversations on Prejudice, Oppression, and Social Justice (Oxford University Press): The Moral Psychology of Anger (Rowman & Littlefield),co-edited with Owen Flanagan; and The Case for Rage: Why Anger is Essential to Anti-Racist Struggle (Oxford University Press). And after a 10–way auction, “The Failures of Forgiveness,” will be released by Princeton University Press in 2023. Her work on emotions and race has appeared in The AtlanticBoston ReviewLos Angeles TimesSalonHuffington PostWomanKind, and New Philosopher Magazine. Cherry is also the host of the UnMute Podcast, where she interviews philosophers about the social and political issues of our day. 

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