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Wealth doesn't trickle down in the art world — it barely drips. Why after 40 years of exponential growth in the cultural sector have arts workers seen such little economic benefit in an industry that adds more than $750 billion to the American economy every year? By 2026, the art industry’s combined wealth is expected to outmatch the Gross Domestic Product of the United Kingdom, the world’s fifth-largest economy. Financial experts at the consulting firm Deloitte have estimated that the combined value of artworks owned by the world’s top collectors will total $2.7 trillion.

Zachary Small will take audiences down a rabbit hole of current and past controversies in the art world to develop an understanding of the starving artist's role within a nexus of culture, money, and politics — and why success remains as elusive as ever. The discussion will incorporate behind-the-scenes stories from more than six years of experience investigating misconduct in the art world for publications like The New York Times and New York Magazine, leading coverage on everything from money laundering to mismanagement, and the wave of social justice initiatives looking to reshape art history for good.

Zachary Small is a journalist based in New York, a dramatist, and a founder of a Leslie-Lohman Museum residency for queer emerging artists in experimental theater and performance art. A regular contributor to The New York Times, over the last five years, they have become known for investigating issues around labor, money, and politics in the art world. Previously, they were an associate editor of investigations at the Art Newspaper and a senior staff writer at Hyperallergic. They have also written for publications including the Financial Times, New York Magazine, NPR, Nation Magazine, Times Literary Supplement, OUT Magazine, ARTnews, and Artnet News among others. ​

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