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Extravagantly talented… the audience’s response was raucous… everything he touches turns fantastical and memorable.

—The New York Times

Challenge your perception of organ music! Join the Quick Center at Saugatuck Congregational Church for an intimate evening with organist and musical maverick Cameron Carpenter.

An organist, composer, organ designer, and self-proclaimed “machine operator,” Carpenter has been smashing the stereotypes of organ music with his exceptional musicality, endless technical ability, and pioneering spirit. Spearheading a movement of both musical and technological advancement and touring internationally with his own International Touring Organ (I.T.O.), Carpenter was the first organist to receive a Grammy Award nomination for his solo album Revolutionary, released just two years after graduating with a master’s degree from The Juilliard School.

In this performance, Carpenter will perform Bach’s iconic, beautiful, and architectural Goldberg Variations, along with other favorite pieces from the Bach repertoire.

...a young superstar whose flamboyant presentation goes hand in hand with unquestioned virtuosity

—The New Yorker

Learn more about Cameron Carpenter → Organist Cameron Carpenter takes Bach on the road for COVID lockdown → Read a review of Carpenter and his I.T.O. in The New York Times →
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