Mamela Nyamza

Global Theatre: A Performance Series
Curated by Dr. Megan Lewis, theatre scholar at UMASS Amherst

A powerful piece of a woman in search of identity.

Saturday & Sunday
January 27 & 28

8:00 P.M. & 3:00 P.M.

$25 | $5 Fairfield University students
QCA Member price: $18

Wien Experimental Theatre

“Mamela Nyamza has created a poignant story that speaks to feelings of conflict with one’s own identity and questioning where we belong in the world.” - Lucy Jarvis, October 2011

Created and performed by South African artist Mamela Nyamza, HATCHED is an autobiographical work that seeks to convey deeply personal and challenging issues of culture, tradition, and a woman’s evolving sexuality within the customary rites and rituals of marriage. HATCHED tells the story of a woman faced with a life of dualism: between countries, identities and relationships. Nyamza shares her challenges – battling with her identity as a mother while clinging onto her life as a performer and being a South African woman performing in Western/European contexts.  Nyamza addresses these issues by juxtaposing movement vocabulary and accompaniment from both cultures, referencing classical Western music and dance, and also traditional African vocal scores and grounded movement. Nyamza has created a poignant story that speaks to feelings of conflict with one’s own identity and questioning where we belong in the world.


Saturday, January 27, 2018 | 8 P.M.

Sunday, January 28, 2018 | 3 P.M.




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Wrestling with Whiteness


Why does whiteness matter? Because it is the infrastructure of all systems of racial inequity, the assumed default category of human existence, and it haunts our culture in both overt and hidden ways. Whiteness perpetuates inequality by staying unexamined and unmarked. Curator Dr. Megan Lewis believes in “the power of performance – specifically theater – to create a space in which we can examine and interrogate the assumptions behind white, masculinized, heteronormative privilege and power.” Her research concerns the stakes of race and performance, particularly the ways in which whiteness and performance intersect.




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About Global Theatre


Created in 2015, the Global Theatre Performance Series brings international artists to the Quick providing the opportunity to explore the liminal spaces between art, theatre, and performance. This year’s series is curated by Dr. Megan Lewis, theatre scholar at University of Massachusetts Amherst.


In an ever-dividing world where identity lines are drawn in broad strokes of “black” and “white,” this international curation brings together two powerful artistic voices from South Africa to explore race, sexuality, gender, and identity in our contemporary world.


United by their mutual passion for the frank, powerful medium of live performance, these featured artists—Mamela Nyamza and Iain “Ewok” Robinson – each offer up work that explores, questions, reclaims, or makes visible the complexities of identities, be they racial, gendered, sexual, or cultural.


Together, this series offers a productive space in which to engage with difference, to listen for the other, and to witness each other with keen compassion and considered insight through the compelling medium of live theatre and dance.

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