Open MINDS Institute

Open MINDS Institute
You, on the Aisle: Re-Thinking the Greatest American Films


Wednesdays 1 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.
October 11

Begins Oct 11 – Ends Nov 8, 2017

$290 | $275 Member Price
$250 each if you enroll in two or more courses.

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Instructor: Peter J. Fox

Peter Fox

How has Hollywood's dream factory responded to the dramatic challenges that states of crises, political, and social changes have posed to our democracy? Which films have combined the most powerful social commentary with performances that are memorable and entertaining?

From King Kong to Star Wars, Gone with the Wind to American Hustle, this class familiarizes students with popular films produced during crucial junctures in the modern history of the United States. Each week, the class members will select a film from a group of films that will be assigned for viewing before the next class convenes. After viewing, detailed examination of the assigned films will cover how the film came to be produced - including details from the development, distribution and public response to the film. This is an in depth look at the movie industry from multiple perspectives including the financial backing, distribution, challenges of production, and the impact of premieres, audience and critical responses. Film clips will help provide an in depth look into these iconic films in these five relaxed, but fast paced sessions.

PETER J. FOX is a third generation member of the Hollywood community. He is the grandson of silent era star Rosa Rudami, an actress who later became a screenwriter for Cecil B. DeMille. His father, Peter C. Fox, was the first publisher to mass-produce movie program booklets which were sold at theaters across the world between 1958 and 1980. Peter J. Fox holds a master of fine arts in screenwriting from the American Film Institute, and has worked as a story analyst and reader at Paramount, Universal, Sony Pictures, MGM and TriStar pictures. He is executive producer of A Summer Dance a full-length feature scheduled for release in Spring 2018.


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