Vertigo Dance Company in VERTIGO 20

VERTIGO 20 explores the intersections of creativity, social responsibility and ecological sustainability.

November 4

@8:00 p.m.

$45, $35 | $5 Fairfield University Students
QCA Member Price: $27


VERTIGO 20 moves from real to surreal, from intimate to theatrical, from impalpable to tangible. The unique body language of VERTIGO 20, accentuated by wit and hinted sadness, delivers a spectacular staging of rituals.

Hailing from some of Israel’s most respected dance companies, Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al’s first professional collaboration has led to VERTIGO 20, which revisits the company’s own unique history and development throughout the past two decades as well as the choreographer’s own personal struggles as a wife, mother and one of four daughters. In VERTIGO 20, Wertheim follows the trail of pebbles she’s laid over this 20-year history, as if re-deciphering the secret of time.

Committed to the intersections of creativity, social responsibility, and ecological sustainability, Vertigo Dance is celebrated as much for their sustainable lifestyle as they are for their artistic innovation. This commitment to their community and the earth is reflected in their movement creating work that is both grounded and enchanting as dancers seem to float in this otherworldly setting.

VERTIGO 20 is a coproduction of the Vertigo Dance Company and Fondazione Campania dei Festival - Teatro Festival Italia.


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