Upside Down. Inside Out.
Live Performances


Quick Center Season Launch Party
Two provocative performances…treats for all senses…and the opportunity to turn the Quick upside down and inside out…literally.

Friday & Saturday
October 13 & 14

8:00 P.M.

ONLY TWO NIGHTS — Limited Space Ticket price includes two international performances, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and open bar.

Quick Center

Experience the Quick like never before! The night begins with All Hell is Breaking Loose, Honey with Frédérick Gravel and his rock and roll infused dance work. We then take you backstage for an immersive journey with treats and libations. End the night dancing on stage to the raw and gritty magnetism of Betty Bonnifassi.

You will never forget this night.

Frédérick Gravel
Tout Se Pète La Gueule, Chérie

“A show that exacerbates the beauty of the complaint as the cry, howl desperate and beautiful from the injured animal.” - Paris Art (Paris)

Performed with live music, it is a tale of distraught men, the run-of-the-mill North American male – clad with T-shirts, baseball caps, cowboy boots, beer bellies and their hesitations, outbursts of violence, confusion, brusque changes of mood, right, left, front, and back, lurching in a drunken haze of beer and powerlessness.





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Betty Bonifassi

Undoubtedly one of Canada’s great voices, Betty Bonifassi exudes a magnetism that is unreal to experience in person. Her latest project is an ambitious album (which began as a music study of Steinbeck’s play Of Mice and Men) paying tribute to African-American and Black prisoners’ songs from the 1920s, collected by ethno-musicologist Alan Lomax in the Southern United States. The power of her voice highlights these chants, which were sung to help maintain the pace of unbearable and inhuman work, and is accentuated by her band’s musical approach bringing a sound to the stage that is raw, gritty, and truthful.





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