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Emily Coates

From left to right: Derek Lucci, Emily Coates, and Charles Burnham. Photo by Chris Randall.
Emily Coates (dancer, choreographer, writer) will be in residence at the Quick Center developing a new project that uses George Balanchine’s short-lived yet pivotal history in New England as a point of departure to think about how the body and spirit of dance artists scatter, living on in unexpected places.

Smooth Criminal

Image of Aaron Jafferis, Dahlak Brathwaite, Daniel Bernard Roumain
Playwright Aaron Jafferis and composers Dahlak Brathwaite and Daniel Bernard Roumain collaborate with five actor/rapper/singers to create a musical (about white people) to end all musicals (about white people). A simple question - who should inherit the family house when Aaron's parents die - ignites a wild argument between Aaron's blue-collar white cousins, his dynamite-wielding Slovak ancestor, his Black chosen family, and his ever-lovin parents. To figure out what his newborn baby should inherit, Aaron and friends follow the money to its source, and excavate the buried stories of all three halves of his family.