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Emily Coates & Emmanuèle Phuon

Spend an evening exploring the ways these two internationally touring dance artists and long-time colleagues weave together science and choreography in a work-in-progress event, The Creative Process.


PLASTIC is the Acrobuffos’ most ambitious artistic project yet: creating laughter for a voiceless planet, compelling the audience to care.
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Mélanie Demers is a Canadian choreographer, word lover, moviegoer and art addict. She founded her dance company MAYDAY in 2007 to explore the darker zones of the human condition.


Led by pioneer Reggie (Regg Roc) Gray, FLEXN is an international troupe of touring dance activists who celebrate the dance form known as “flexing.” Though its roots stretch back to Jamaica in the early 1990s, flexing grew up in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. It became a distinct dance style of its own in the mid-'00s, defined by elements like bone breaking, an unimaginable contortions of the arms. The style also includes gliding, a trick of the feet, like an advanced moonwalk; pausing, where a dancer will move in animated motions, stopping at sharp intervals as if they are hitting invisible walls; and connecting, where every movement must come in contact with a different body part—the hand instigating the elbow, setting off the shoulder, and so on.

Arien Wilkerson

Arien Wilkerson is a choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist working with movement, video, and installation based in Hartford, CT. He is the founder and artistic director of TNMOT AZTRO, featuring seven dancers (including himself), a movement artist, a two-person technology crew and a collaboration team that is made up of six to ten multidisciplinary artists at any given time (photography, sculpture, installation, poetry, DJ, and beyond). The dancers draw from distinct and diverse movement styles and traditions: modern, b boy/ breakdancing, ballet, jazz, West African, and more.