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P L A S T I C: A Clown Opera


In Residence: June 29 – July 8, 2022

Work-in-Progress showing: Wednesday, July 6, 2022 | 7 p.m.

Pay What You Decide – a social experiment in which we ask you to value your artistic experience.

Once upon a future time, when the natural world is a mere memory, two industrial clowns play with never-ending streams of transparent plastic.

Within the growing rubbish, double images glow in color, evoking lost life. Extinct birdsongs haunt plastic mountainsides, trash bags become clouds and jellyfish, and clowns dream of sleeping whales. A contemporary spin on the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, only this time the Sorcerer is not turning off the industrial faucet. Dark themes, but seriously funny.

Plastic sheets flutter with weightless grace, shimmering in brilliant color. Ordinary plastic has an inherent elegance hidden beneath its cheapness, abundance, and disposability. Though society is aware of the long-term consequences of plastic use, we have become dependent on the utilitarian, electronic, and life-saving benefits of our synthetic world. With imagination and laughter, PLASTIC probes the uneasy conclusion of humanity’s current path - a world with no more nature.

PLASTIC is the Acrobuffos’ most ambitious artistic project yet: creating laughter for a voiceless planet, compelling the audience to care.

About the Artists

Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone met at a circus in Afghanistan, became engaged while street performing in Scotland, married in China, and occasionally go home to New York City.

Since 2005, they have created seven shows together, competed in international circus festivals, performed in over 25 countries, headlined at the Big Apple Circus, and were featured on a postage stamp.

Christina is a former ballerina who graduated from Princeton to become a clown; Seth is a former juggler who graduated from three clown schools, including an MFA in physical theater.


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