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Work-in-Progress Performance: Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 7 p.m.
Pay What You Decide – a social experiment in which we ask you to value your artistic experience.

August 19-22, 2019

"...[a] searing example of dance as protest" — The Boston Globe

Led by pioneer Reggie (Regg Roc) Gray, FLEXN is an international troupe of touring dance activists who celebrate the dance form known as “flexing.” Though its roots stretch back to Jamaica in the early 1990s, flexing grew up in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. It became a distinct dance style of its own in the mid-'00s, defined by elements like bone breaking, an unimaginable contortions of the arms. The style also includes gliding, a trick of the feet, like an advanced moonwalk; pausing, where a dancer will move in animated motions, stopping at sharp intervals as if they are hitting invisible walls; and connecting, where every movement must come in contact with a different body part—the hand instigating the elbow, setting off the shoulder, and so on.

Gray follows a philosophy that, "The body speaks more than the mouth does sometimes…the body tells more stories," and believes that dancers should understand their role as innovators and influencers.

The members of FLEXN combine raw personal narrative with flex to explore issues of social justice and racial equality in our nation’s law enforcement and judicial systems. The mission of the company is to show that creative expression can be used as a tool for social change and inspire us to overcome any adversity.

FLEXN comes to the Quick in August 2019 to finish their latest work, FLEX AVE as part of the Quick’s Arts Incubator Program.