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Summer Camp Intensives At the Quick
Summer 2024

Summer Intensives at the Quick are a great platform to delve into exciting art forms! Crash courses in cool and exciting subjects, such as acting, dancing, and art-making, led by amazing local artists. Have your kids expand their world and try something new!

Available Sessions

Hip Hop

It’s time to feel free, let loose and have fun as Miss lex takes you to “different places” moving to various genres of music and styles of dance! Learn how to connect your movement to a beat, story, feeling, and much more. This is an interactive space where fun dance activities will be introduced and taught to help the students explore the many ways to move your body with the music! Each session will typically include a warmup, dance game, and a short piece of choreography to “show off” at the end of class. Are you ready to hit the dance floor with Miss Lex?

  • Instructor: Alexa Nocoli
  • Dates: July 8 - 11 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages: All ages
  • $180/week


Instructor: Alexa Nicoli

Alexa Nicoli is a dancer and college graduate from a local university in Connecticut, with a Bachelors in Psychology and minor degree in Dance. She has been dancing for 17 years starting off in a local studio training in various styles, but especially enjoys contemporary and hip-hop. From the age of 11, she began gaining recognition at regional and national competition tours through the age of 17. As of 2018, she was a member of the Sacred Heart University’s Pre-Professional Dance Company and former dancer on their Professional Track of Hip-Hop, “Inception Dance Crew.” As of summer 2019, she began her journey with professional company Team Leggoo. Nicoli has worked and performed with rising artists such as Ali Berke, Sam Diem, Olivia Bargoli, on stages like the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA, and more, as she dreams of experiencing more of bigger stages around the world. She has been seen on international TV, dancing behind artist, Pia Vasquez in her official music video “Ahora Lloras”. One of her many joys is to constantly share her passion for dance with others. Nicoli is intrigued by the psychology behind the creative mindset within a dancer and utilizes it to create art that acknowledges the various life perspectives.


Digital Collaging 

Have you ever wished that you could express your creativity through a digital lens but were unsure of where to begin? Join our intensive digital collage workshop to learn how to create inspiring works of self-expression digitally and learn applied art principles through the lenses of the pioneers. 

  • Instructor: Greg Aimé
  • Dates: July 8 - 11 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages: All ages
  • $180/week


In both classes, students will learn about pioneers and current artists who push this medium forward. They will apply art principles from these artists as they layer assets and create stunning collages. 

Instructor: Greg Aimé

Greg Aimé is a Connecticut-based Haitian-American artist disciplined in many areas of art. He evokes wonder through his stunning portrayal of the Black form through his illustrative storytelling capabilities via digital collages. Coming from a large family mostly composed of women, black women are the focal point and recurring theme of his work. His current focus is exploring the complex relationship of the descendants of the diaspora within society, history, spirituality, religion, royalty, and sovereignty. His work aims to bridge the past and the present, as well as Eastern and Western cultures, to showcase similarities amongst a diverse race of people. 

Artist’s Statement: 

‘‘My work at the root is a journey of self-discovery. I explore the dynamics of culture and how it affects my relationships with family, friends, and society. This process has aided me to heal, strengthened my spirituality, and allowed me to come to realizations about myself that I may have never discovered. Through collages my aim is to spark conversation about the descendants of the diaspora, by showcasing history, royalty, heritage, and tradition. I hope to minimize the lack of awareness and relatability of our rich culture amongst ourselves. Try on my lens and enjoy this journey with me.’’

Paper Collaging

Learn how to express yourself and your ideas through paper collage! This class is a great opportunity to learn more about the practice of collaging and the history behind the artists of this technique. Join our intensive collage workshop where you will be creating inspiring works of self-expression and learning applied art principals through the lenses of the pioneers.  

  • Instructor: Greg Aimé
  • Dates: July 15-18 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages: All ages
  • $180/week

Wizard Academy 

Be charmed by the fascinating history and lore behind the most famous wizards, through an exploration of strange myths and weird traditions where magic meets history and science. Read-alouds and shared discussions will spark your imagination to craft, write, and create hands-on projects, such as building castles with upcycled materials, making your own wand, and sculpting clay into magical creatures. Learn about the real history that inspired the Harry Potter books, including alchemy, herbology, astronomy, magical creatures, and more.

  • Instructor: Christine Jewell
  • Dates: July 15 - 18 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages: grades 3 - 5
  • $180/week

Instructor: Christine Jewell

Christine Jewell has taught hundreds of kids in camps and workshops, combining the arts, history, and culture for the Fairfield Museum, Westport Continuing Education, and the Mattatuck Museum. Jewell is a dedicated and innovative administrator and educator with more than 20 years of experience. She combines her love of vintage objects, photography, and textiles to her mixed media work, which includes bookmaking, fiber arts, and mixed-media collage. Jewell has a BFA from SUNY Purchase and an MA in the arts and social policy from Empire State College, N.Y. She has studied in Venice, Italy, and at prominent craft schools including Haystack Mountain in Maine and Penland in North Carolina. Her work has been shown at the Artwell Gallery, Mattatuck Museum, the Fairfield Public Library, and Westchester Art Workshop.

Singing for the Stage

Learn a singer’s secrets to earning the golden ticket. Do you have what it takes to turn her chair around? Led by a local Juilliard-trained soprano with a critically acclaimed debut at Carnegie Hall, campers will discover how to wield their voice to project and perform.

Session One

  • Instructor: Lucia Palmieri
  • Dates: July 22-25 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages: 8-11
  • $180/week

Session Two

  • Instructor: Lucia Palmieri
  • Dates: July 29-Aug 1 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages: 11 and up
  • $180/week

Acting and Audition Prep

Have you ever considered going on a Broadway audition? Have you ever wanted to be the voice of radio commercials or the voice actor for cartoons and video games? Learn how you can be prepared for auditions for all types of acting, including film, stage, and voice acting. This intensive will help you prepare a monologue for auditions for plays and films, and introduce you to voice acting.

  • Instructor: Lucia Palmieri
  • Dates: Aug 5-8 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • All Ages
  • $180/week

Instructor: Lucia Palmieri
A soprano opera singer and trained at Juilliard, Lucia Palmieri has sung internationally with televised performances and huge audiences at the world's biggest concert halls following her debut at Carnegie Hall.

Step Right Up! An Introduction to Circus Skills

This intensive has a little bit of everything, for every-body. Are you an athlete? Come try the balance board or stilts! Problem-solving and puzzles more your thing? Juggling and plate spinning will blow your mind! Maybe you’re a daredevil? Test your courage on the tightrope! A little bit of each and more? You’ll find it here! This physical theater class is based on international circus skills and one rule: if you believe you can do it, you will. At the end of the session participants will host a skill-share workshop for friends and family. No experience necessary.

  • Instructor: Cynthia Rauschert
  • Dates: August 12-15 | 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • $180/week
See Last Year’s Performance →

Instructor: Cynthia Rauschert

Cynthia Rauschert has been a practitioner of social circus education for nearly two decades and founded Circus Moves after a brief tour with Cirque du Soleil. She holds an MS in Therapeutic Recreation and can be found all over New England teaching circus skills to young and old, and training youth program staff to create positive social-emotional programs, and promoting circus arts as the future of inclusive programming. Cynthia is co-chair of the American Circus Educators Association Social Circus Committee and serves on the Young and Emerging Artist advisory committee for the American Circus Alliance. She is a staunch advocate for the transformational power of circus arts on individuals and communities. Cynthia has brought her coaching and performing skills to nineteen states, five countries, three continents, and one great big ship. For more information about Cynthia and Circus Moves, please visit www.circusmoves.com

Cancellation Policy Summary*

A $50 fee will be charged in the event of any cancellation. Payments are transferable but subject to a $50 transfer fee. No transfers may be made without Box Office consent. A refund of the remainder of the tuition fee is subject to session replacement by another applicant. No cancellations or refunds are possible within one week of the session or once the session has begun.

Registration Process Summary

Registration may be completed on-line, in-person at the Box Office or over the phone by calling the Box Office at 203-254-4010. You can also complete the registration form, cancellation agreement and the promotional release form and return them by mail along with the full tuition payment. Quick Members can start registration on January 29 and get guaranteed session enrollment until February 4. All other registrations will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis starting February 5. All registrants will receive a confirmation e-mail notifying you of your session placement. 

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or you are in need of any additional forms, please call the Box Office or send an email to quickboxoffice@fairfield.edu.

Please note that full tuition payment must be included with registration form.