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Friday & Saturday| 8 p.m.

November 17, 2023
November 18, 2023

$35 | $5 Fairfield University student
Quick Member: $25

In Ireland we love telling stories, and whenever I retell a memory, I make it sound much more interesting than it really was…

—Michael Keegan-Dolan

MáM brings together the virtuoso, Irish traditional concertina player Cormac Begley with the European classical contemporary collective stargaze and 12 international dancers from his Teaċ Daṁsa company. Mám – Gaelic for ‘mountain pass,’ as well as ‘under the yoke of sin,’ or maybe even ‘a handful of sweets!’ – follows the success of Keegan-Dolan’s acclaimed re-imagining of Swan Lake, becoming a meeting place between classical and traditional, the local and the universal: “another mythic yet timely production that acknowledges how life’s polarities can on occasion come together and find resolution.”

I gave up searching for story and suddenly discovered something better. As dancers…moved, connected, intertwined and disentangled across the stage … I stopped thinking in words and started understanding ideas that seemed to be coming from a deeper, richer place.

—The Irish Times

The dancers and players of MÁM embody every human emotion during their dazzling 90-minute marathon.”


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Friday & Saturday| 8 p.m.

November 17, 2023
November 18, 2023