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Will You Take the Plunge for
A Deep Dive into Our Productions?

We invite you to dive deeply into the big ideas and themes in our current and upcoming productions through selected books in our new mobile library, which you’ll discover in the Quick lobby. These titles—which you can peruse when you come to buy tickets, before the show, or during intermission—will give you greater insights into the world of the production, offering both confirmations and alternative perspectives on the performance works, which are always provocative and of the moment. Some selections will provide more information about the artists you’ll be seeing on stage or are just for fun. We offer both fiction and non-fiction; serious and easy reading; books for young and older readers alike. You can read in the lobby or buy the book and take it home with you. We welcome your feedback on these selections; you may want to suggest additional titles that you have discovered and would like to share with fellow patrons.
Write to me at mlomonaco@fairfield.edu.

Dr. Marti LoMonaco, Curator
Professor of Theatre and American Studies